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Thought Of The Day : With the guidance of the Yogic Power, the grace of Guru, the grace of God and willpower, you can overcome karmic consequences.

About RPT

The only organisation in the world teaching Rajayoga secrets in a one-day seminar for both material and spiritual success.


About Guru

A Siddha, having mastered the ancient divine secrets, is today teaching ordinary people the art of harnessing the amazing Yogic Power for material and spiritual success.



The Embodiment of Love is RPT. Bringing Undiminishing Joy to all, RPT. Blessed with


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2018 Divine Speech @ RPT Seminar in Johor on 22.09.2018
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From Dato’ Sri Guruji’s Desk 08.10.2018
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2018 RPT SINGAPORE's Egantham Movie Review Part 1
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RPT Dato' Sri Guruji's Words of Wisdom 16 10 2018
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RPT Disciple Testimony - My thyroid problem and sinus were cured after I started practicing RPT's Meditation techniques.
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2016 RPT Disciple Mr Selvaraju, Malaysian hockey player in Italy's TV News
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2018 Dato’ Sri Guruji's Divine Birthday Wishes on 22.2.2018 in Malaysian Tamil Daily – Tamil Nesan
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RPT's Education Seminar 2018 - University Teknologi Skudai Johor
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RPT Education Seminar 2018 in Johor Bahru on 29th June 2018 – News coverage Makkal Osai 15th July 2018
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RPT JB's 21st Centre Anniversary