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Thought Of The Day : By eliminating mental negativities, one gains the determination that peace of mind, happiness, and a successful life are achievable.

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The only organisation in the world teaching Rajayoga secrets in a one-day seminar for both material and spiritual success.


About Guru

A Siddha, having mastered the ancient divine secrets, is today teaching ordinary people the art of harnessing the amazing Yogic Power for material and spiritual success.



The Embodiment of Love is RPT. Bringing Undiminishing Joy to all, RPT. Blessed with


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HIS DIVINE GRACE DATO' SRI GURUJI Divine Wishes to all RPT members 2024
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RPT Annathanam 2024
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RPT Dato’ Sri Guruji’s Words of Wisdom 20 07 2024
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RPT Disciple Testimony - "Empowering Journey: From Loss to Triumph
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If you are interested in collaborating with the RPT Meditation Society for RPT Social Service, please scan the QR code in this box.
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His Divine Grace Dato' Sri Guruji and Her Divine Grace Gurumatha whole heartedly wish a very Happy Deepavali to all RPT Disciples worldwide, celebrating this 2023 Festival of Lights.